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The starting point of this cycle route all day long from fifty-seven kilometers is sheltered in the Central Rhodopes Momchilovtsi. With a population of more than a thousand people, amazing landscapes and climates in recent years it is increasingly developing as a desirable tourist destination and attracts the attention of more and more visitors. Therefore will not have any trouble if you want to stay somewhere overnight, eat or spend good friends before venturing into adventure.

The route is incredibly scenic, as in almost all of moves along the ridge of Radyuva Mountain and offers great views in all directions. Initially starting north on the main asphalt road and the track gradually ascends to your main ridge in Momina Voda area. Just before the road to divert to Laki, separates a forest road that steep climbing until you reach the main ridge. This is the most difficult physically stretch of the route, although it is completely achievable even for cyclists in normal condition.

The track appears to Studenetz peak (1509 m altitude). After climbing the ridge is not enough to follow the tourist marking the north. Road overcome a series of small and larger peaks on the ridge, but there is not too steep or dangerous. This allows you to fully enjoy the stunning beauty of the Central Rhodopes.

In places the track crosses meadows and beautiful it is here you can stop for a short period to rest and look around. Of course, much depends on the pace you keep, but about three hours along the ridge route will take you to the hut Pashaliytsa. It is located at the northeastern foot of the homonymous peak (1642 meters) and offers all the necessary conditions to rest longer.

From there began a long descent to the village Yugovo a forest road and trail, which requires a certain technical skills in cycling. The last part of the route (sixteen kilometers) is traveling along the road between the village and the town. Here you can press the pedals healthy because driving conditions are excellent.

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