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Kom peak

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One thing you can not deny of Kom is that it is inspiring . If we do, we go against the patriarch of Bulgarian literature - the writer Ivan Vazov . It is famous for his poem " On Kom ." In honor of born in Sopot educator, today near the elevation at the top is placed a stone bas-relief Vazov and verses from work.

With its 2016 meters height Kom is the fourth highest peak in the Western Balkan Mountains and is the highest peak of the mountain Berkovska . It is also known as the Great Com . Tip along with it lying east of lower highs Small and Medium Kom ridge formed by approximately east - west location , rounded grassy ridge, steep rocky northern slope sloping grassy southern slope .

The ascent of Mount Kom is not difficult in summer and winter . You have several tourist route. One of them starts from Kom Chalet . In the vicinity of the lodge is Vazov stone , which recollections of contemporaries, was a favorite place for recreation of the poet . Travel time is about 20 minutes , the route is marked with yellow paint . To climb Kom , leaving a 2 -hour walk along a path that led to the saddle between the peaks of Small and Medium Kom Kom . Thence west along the sloping komsko been to the top.

Another possibility is an Petrohan passage. This route takes slightly more than three hours. From the pass to the summit leads red marking of the longest marked hiking trail in Bulgaria - Kom - Emine. Initially passed on the way from Petrokhan for Kom Chalet in beech forest and meadows. On the eastern slope of Little Kom path deviates from the path , around the tip of the south and turns to the track in komskoto before. Third route starts from the village Komshitsa . Dirt roads in the north-east and reached the southern slope of Kom . Hence uploading peak may be from the south without paths through thin cover of juniper. Balance indicates that this road will take you almost three hours. About the same time you can reach from the village Gintsi . Initially, the trail goes north along a gravel road in the direction Raspberry Hut , north of the area Etropolje . In the hut turns north on dirt road and reached over the southern slopes of Kom grassy hill .

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