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Nobody yet has fully unravel the mystery which lies Belintash rock phenomenon. The ancient Thracian sanctuary is situated in the Rhodopes, 30 km from the town.

Numerous legends tell the story of Belintash. Certain rock legend of the flood. According to this legend Belintash Ark shelter. Proof of this are rings carved in stone. Ship Ropes were tied to them.

The surface of the rock will find many pits. Two wells were also set on the plateau and is still filled with water year round.

The grooves have a length of 8 meters and a width of 15 cm Some of these grooves connect the various ritual pits. The rain water flows from one tank to another.

The name of the rock came from white, good stone. In translation from Turkish Belintash means "stone of knowledge."

Some researchers argue that dug ditches and gutters are one of the oldest maps of the stars and constellations, dating from 7000 years ago.

Surely you will hear claims that in ancient times Belintash was landing on spacecraft, and the map carved in the rock served as a landmark.

Despite the many guesses and assumptions, archaeologists agree in one. Belintash was an ancient temple to the god Sabazius worshiped by the Thracian tribe Besi. At the foot of the rock is found plaque dedicated to the deity. The slab is depicted Sabazius god, seated on a throne with snakes crawling on the throne. According to archaeologists, snakes symbolize the upward development of man and the eternal cycle of nature.

At this point you probably have performed sacrifices and priests predicted the future. In fiery altars pouring wine and priests tell fortunes by the height of the flame.

There is a legend according to which a secret cave near Belintash Alexander has hidden a golden chariot.

Rock complex is a nest of Alpine Swift, Red-rumped Swallow and Kestrel.

To reach the scale should go from the town of Kardjali. Pull through the village of Red and head towards the village Oreshets. At the junction of Bridge continue straight. To reach Belintash must turn left in the neighborhood "door." You can ask the local for more information if you have difficulty. The Museum in Asenovgrad offers tours.

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