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The starting point was this short and relatively easy cycling tourist route is the village of Mugla (Smolyan municipality) located in one of the most beautiful areas of the border between the Western and Central Rhodopes. It is attractive with preserved spirit, architecture and traditions, and in the vicinity are many natural, cultural and historical attractions. If you do not want to rush or you want to make a multi-layered experience, you can come to Mugla night before and stay in one of the restored in traditional style guest houses, where you will be offered to taste the famous local cuisine.

Not necessarily to get up very early because the track is short, and for the most part moving in shady areas, so you will not have a problem with heat. Before you go, have the time to look at the detail of Mugla. From the village the route heads north direction and is easily recognizable, as is the narrow and picturesque valley of the river Muglenska. This stretch of road is seventeen kilometers long and in places in the lower part of the wooden bridges were destroyed by lush spring waters of the river, so caution is required.

However, lowering the valley is very nice and reveals spectacular views, though not seen panoramas because of the depth of the gorge and dense, beautiful forests that surround it on all sides. Imperceptibly leads to reserve "Kazanite" protected area declared to store the virgin forest of fir, spruce, beech and pine. Characteristic of the area is impressive diversity of landscape, flora and fauna. Steep, almost vertical cliffs alternate with dense forests and lush meadows, and the bear, the honey buzzard and black woodpecker are just a few of the exotic inhabitants of the reserve.

Characteristic of "Kaznite" is a picturesque cascade of fountains, small and large waterfalls, among which are formed pools, hence the name of the locality. Following the route through the reserve, going out to the road of the village Teshel to Trigrad. After crossing the river, you find yourself on the asphalt road and feel free to head south to reach the end point of the route.

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