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Drangaleshka Cave

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3 km west of the village on the road to Mugla village Teshel , on the right bank of the Tennessee geographic gully in the area Devetuynu ( Pchelarnika ) is Drangaleshkata hole. Taking down from the village of Mugla on the road leading to the apiary. There is an extension of the way for convenient parking and right on the slope winds aisle. Apiary visible from the road. Finally the fence about 30 meters to the entrance is buried under branches. It is located 80 meters above the river level and 20 m from the road.

Entrance has dimensions 1,5 x 2 m with plummet a 45 foot well, which gradually expands in the form of a bell . The main attachment is made of a large spruce, 2 m in front of the big entrance . The total length of Drangaleshkata '' hole '' is about 1,140 meters deep 225 meters making it the deepest abyss in the Rhodope region and the seventh deepest in Bulgaria .

At the bottom of a pond gap , considering that water is Muglenska River . The water level in Drangaleshkata hole is 80 meters below the level of the river. It is assumed that there is a well developed karst underground network.

New parts of the cave were discovered in 1991-1994 , and are away from the middle of the third well of depth 110 . Gap in the new parts is very muddy , water and narrow . Penetration is required to dress in proper equipment , have solid lights are physically and technically prepared to provide food for the time of penetration. Well- trained team of 2-3 people can perform penetration for 7-8 hours.

As early as 1960 , and more fully ten years later Peter caving Tranteev separates a group of " singing " caves. The names of these caves either from multiple echo that occurs when throwing stones at them , or the dull sound is heard when walking in them , or zvanezha entities that issue when they dokosnesh.Takava is precisely the cave - Drangaleshka hole .

Tourists decided to visit the cave and the village of Mugla will be fascinated by the beauty of the few Muslim village located near the Greek-Bulgarian border. Until recently, there could be come only with special permission from the border authorities. Old Bulgarian village is situated on the River Muglenska that affects the beauty of picturesque waterfalls and thresholds. Legends say that the village was founded 5 centuries ago by four bachelors who stole the girl from Smolyan and hid here in the inaccessible forests.

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