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Shirokolushki Snejnik (Oroheus) ...

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Shirokolushki glacier , also occur as Karluk or Orpheus is the second highest peak in the Rhodope Mountains ( 2,188 m ), then Great Perelik . Located in the western part of the mountain , in the village of Mugla .

Shirokolushki glacier is composed of volcanic rocks , slopes are covered with pine forests, and the ridge is bare . At the very top is marble slab , on which is written " Orpheus peak 2188 m DV of 29 June 1942 " , although the official name of cartographic top is Shirokolushki glacier .

There is a tourist route from the village of Broad Peak Shirokolushki to bow glacier or Orpheus, who takes about 5 hours. Walk up the road to the village of Gela . At National School of Folk Arts goes right up the stairs to the exit of a sharp bend of the road to Gela . Walk up to it and Kavroshilskata quarter turn right on the path that led to the Ilinden meadows ( 2ch. ) . Hence in monasteries and Gradishteto better delineated path is reached Khulna area . It climbs the ridge top . The road is dotted with oregano, black and red berries , with lush glades - truly colorful carpet.

Drew possible route - from Gela climb the green marking hut glaciers can also visit the homonymous cave. Departs on the new blue marking ( Gela - Dospat ) and reaches the crest red marking connecting with hut hut glaciers Perelik . From there to the summit and back - entirely in blue marking to Gela . At the top enjoy the distant horizon , peace ... and enjoyment of the mountain in its purest form.

Karluk ( Shirokolushki Snezhnik Orpheus ) is located five kilometers or so to the west . It is doubtful that means sacrificial blade or place of prayer - all karlatsite translate as snezhnitsi - Shirokolushka Batashki Gyumyurdzhinski .

The third route to the second highest peak in the Rhodopes is: Departs shortly before the barrier of division located on Mount Great Perelik who is the ruler of the whole mountain . Crosses by going near the fence of the division by small path and so the marked route to the chalet Ledenitsata . Thence marking the southern foot of the top where it aside for a few minutes you are on the highest point . On the way back you could climb a wooded natterjack hammer ( 2140 m ) and bare Shabalieva kaba ( 2087 m.)

Generally there is an option for climbing and Small Perelik but should take more time.

Locals peak is Karluk . With some of the other names you have to wonder .

Orpheus peak is one of the most beautiful Rhodope mountains. Due to its tapered shape local people called it Shilestata hammer. Attractive place for tourists.

By Orpheus peak seen much of the Rhodopes : Chernatitza Snezhnik resorts, Mount Snow , Mursalitsa , Trigradsko plateau mountains - Rila, Pirin, Stara Planina and others. If you wish you can continue to lodge Perelik and hence - Smolyan, Smolyan Lakes, hut Studenetz .

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Mugla - Attraction Shirokolushki Snejnik (Oroheus) - Ecotrail - Picture 1 Mugla - Attraction Shirokolushki Snejnik (Oroheus) - Ecotrail - Picture 2 Mugla - Attraction Shirokolushki Snejnik (Oroheus) - Ecotrail - Picture 3 Mugla - Attraction Shirokolushki Snejnik (Oroheus) - Ecotrail - Picture 4