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Eco trail Maglish

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Starting from the bus stop Maglizh north right of way to the river itself is a beautiful church "St. Dimitar". The road winds along the river until it reaches the northern edge of the area and Maglizh "Baralaka." Barite is a wonderful place for recreation - beautiful meadows, sparkling waterfalls, active bar. Hence there are three possibilities for tourist excursion. Left by Barry is the ancient monastery "St. Nicholas" above it towards the top is a conservation project "Vinitsa stone." Patriotic Bulgarian is dug in the rock icon "Holy Trinity". For most enduring route continues to the summit called Popak. According to legend there was a chapel "St. Marina" and rocks at the very top there is still spring.

The descent from the top is most comfortable in gentle meadows to the west, to the "equal", then an asphalt road leads to the "Cross" and "Monument to septemvrietsa." From this it appeared the whole town as a hand, and the steps lead down again at the bus station.

The second tourist route, departing from "Baralaka" is north of the river. At about 40 minutes near the fearsome cliffs, shady glades and vircheta and after repeated crossing of the river, leading to the Great Leap waterfall. Little Falls is a jump before the big jump and a small drop of pond formed.

It is recommended to visit waterfalls late spring and summer. In other times the river is very deep and difficult cuts.

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