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Skokovete Waterfalls - Muglij

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Skokovete are two beautiful waterfalls located Selchenska river rushing through the mountain ranges around Muglij .

The path to them starting from the bus station of the city, north to the " Barite " or " Baralaka ." The scenic road passes around the river , reaching the mentioned area . It is very suitable for recreation, with free highway meadows, the freshness of the small waterfall and fire places and sitting. To the right of the bridge from the top of the hill , the road continues to the jumps. It is important to note that the path crosses the river in places and going through it is often necessary - if the river is deep, it can mean water up to his knees.

Along the path leads to the first small waterfall jump - it's just a small pad and pool. Much smaller than the big leap , it offers freshness to every weary traveler and invites the song of the water to visit his older brother .

After some time the walk - about 40 minutes - you're going into it himself - " Great Skok." Declared phenomenon in 1965 . , The area has remained wild - glades shrouded in the shadows of ancient trees , overhanging rock cliffs and waterfall himself falling from 15 meters bursting freshness of Selchenska River .

Good advice for those who want to visit the beautiful Jumping to go in late spring or summer , as at other times the river is usually deep and difficult to cross .

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