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Ecopath Millennial History

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Ecopath " Millennial History" is part of the " Majestic mountain , azure coast and rich history ", implemented by the Municipality of Nessebar for tourists to be aware of and involved in the region not only with the realities of a seaside resort , but also history, culture and heritage rare combination of sea and mountain. To realize the intention , there are two trails , united under one umbrella . Each dealing with a particular part of the tourist wealth of Nessebar , but the routes are designed so it is advisable for you to explore them all to gain an overview of the history, culture and nature of the region.

The length of the transition on " Millennial History" is about 6 km and travels in between 2 and 4 hours , depending on the physical condition of the tourists and the goals they have set . The route passes through many scenic areas , but also leads to some of the places that over the centuries have become the cultural and religious centers.

The path starts from the restored medieval monastery "St. Andrew ", located in the area Ayazmoto passes through the town of Sveti Vlas near the old fountain , then climbs of Mount St. Elias and in the Big Fountain , mouflon , horseshoe and tap Kanelski Borun out of Emona monastery " St. Vlasiy " and tourist complex "Monasteries ", located in the center of the resort .

In the Middle Ages Emona monastery " St. Vlasiy " was one of the most famous monasteries in the region. It reached its zenith during the Second Bulgarian Empire , and in particular the management of Ivan Alexander ( 1331-1371 ) . In XVIII century the monastery was destroyed after a pirate raid . The monastery keeps the relics , which are believed to be in holy Vlasiy and holy Apostle Andrew , and a piece of the cross on which Jesus Christ was crucified .

Ecotrail " Millennial history " is very easy to navigate and can be mine for groups of young children and adults inexperienced tourists. It does not offer any challenges to the physics of nature lovers , but climbing the low and sloping peak Sveti Ilija ( 391 m above sea level) , from where wonderful views in all directions, especially to the bay . The aim of its creators is to familiarize visitors with the rich heritage of the highway, near Nesebar in particular. The route offers an abundance of information and sites that are definitely in the mind of the tourists.

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