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Historic Landmark

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About 10 km northwest of Pazardzhik and 8 km west of Panagyurishte in a small valley, covered in a dense beech forest, served as a refuge, lies the historic place Oborishte. Here on April 14, 1876 was called the First Bulgarian National Assembly, which decides on the proclamation of the April uprising. The Assembly is headed by Georgi Benkovski. Today this place is a monument of the April uprising which are inscribed the names of all participants in the First Grand National Assembly, as the name of the traitor has been deleted. Each year Oborishte in the period May 1 to 2 festivals are held in celebration of the anniversary of the April uprising in the fourth revolutionary district. In the village is a restored church, which was a shelter of Vasil Levski. Have interesting customs in the area, lighting of fires for prosperity singing Lazarus, an old custom, when the girl is ready for marriage comes to sing. Round to the houses, collected eggs and other gifts. The village has many spring fountains

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