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Longoza beach

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Longosa beach is located a mile north of the resort town of Obzor, three kilometers south of another much visited destination on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast - Byala. The beach is very long and wide and offers great opportunities for solitude as it remains away from the main tourist stream.

The sea is warm and calm, and one of the biggest advantages of dense is that, being in the folds of the Eastern Balkan Mountains, offers holidaymakers a unique combination of bright sun on the beach and the freshness of the mountain. Bottom is sloping, with no undercurrents pits or whirlpools.

Of course, this makes Longosa very good place to visit for families with small children as you can let the kids run and play freely without having to monitor them constantly. Moreover, the beach is never crowded and you can rest in peace in the company only of his relatives and the fresh sea breeze.

Name Longosa issued another of the virtues of the beach. It is surrounded on all sides by dense forest needles that can give you the desired salvation even in the greatest heat. Of course, if you want you will stay in Obzor or Byala, but in case you be enchanted by the beauty of dense, you can stay in the resort of a guesthouse and campsite, situated among tall pine trees in the same forest.

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