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Beach Zhinzifovo Dam

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The beach is dam "Zhinzifovo", located near the village. It is tucked away in the picturesque hills of the Eastern Rhodopes, twelve miles from the town of Kardzhali. Its altitude is relatively large for the region (437 m), making it a desirable destination for tourists from near and far, especially during the hottest summer months.

Dam is small, with an area of ​​only 18 acres nestled in the surrounding hills and offers so want more tourists solitude, tranquility and remoteness from major cities and tourist destinations. While some of its coastline is covered with pine trees, you can always find a secluded spot on which to completely relax, enjoying the sounds of nature.

The water of the dams is quiet and the bottom in most places - sloping, so you can swim without worrying about their safety, and of course follow the rules and behave sensibly, because the body of water is unguarded. However bathing here is not dangerous unless you are too complacent or missing young children of sight. Given that gets too hot, you can always hide in the nearby pine forest.

If you decide to stay here a few days in a tent, caravan or camper, you can visit some of the many attractions in the area - the protected area "Sredna Arda" the land of the nearby villages Zvezdelina and Visoka polyana, which is part of Important Bird Area "Cold well", one of the largest medieval fortresses in the Rhodope Monyak (above the village Shiroko pole), the archaeological complex Perperikon (nine km) and, of course, the dam" Cold well"- one of the largest and most picturesque in the country.

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