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Historic Landmark
Urvich Fortress

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Urvich fortress occupied a significant place in the history of the Bulgarian state. She defended one of the main roads to the city and the last stronghold before the strategic town was vital. Along with historical sites - Pancharevski monastery "St. Nikola" fortress church - monastery "St. Elias" and Kokalianski monastery "St. Archangel Michael" form Urvich fortress - monastery complex - part of Sofia Mount Athos.

Urvich area was inhabited as early as the Thracians. Later , when the castle was in the hands of the Romans and the Byzantines, it was known as Eskumane . Translation - Fortress River Eskus , today Iskar River . Before the capture of Urvich of Proto IX in the early centuries , it played the role of a military fortress . She defended the way Vindobona - Singidunum - Naisos - Serdica - Trimontsium ( Philippopolis ) - Adrianople - Vizantsium . Urvich fortress is difficult to reach for that help water the longest Bulgarian river - Iskar. They surround it on all sides. If necessary, its waters were channeled around the ridge , through a special levee . Then link to the mainland was realized only in a very narrow strip in the direction Tsarichina rock. Here I must mention that in this region the Iskar River forms a picturesque meander , which is declared a natural landmark.

Urvich another Bulgarian fortress along which legends persist that the region is buried treasure. It is a treasure of King Shishman . Despite the skepticism of scientists previously found here ingots on which it is assumed that there was some local production , not just a military fortress with defensive functions. Studies in recent years prove the hypothesis - new artifacts suggest that probably a small medieval town with some suburbs in the hills around.

Nowadays, one of the challenges facing scientists is to prove that the fortress was killed younger brother Ivan SHishman - Ivan Asen V.

A curious fact which deserves to be shared is that in 1889 crusade in these places writer Aleko Konstantinov established the first tourist club in Bulgaria Free - " Urvich club ." The club lasted seven years and became the basis for the integration of Bulgarian nature lovers who were later among enthusiasts , started the organized tourism in Bulgaria during the ascent of Black Peak on August 27, 1895

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