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Ski slopes Rilski ezera

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One of the most modern chalets in the Rila Mountains - " Rila Lakes " is a ski slope with a length of 950 meters . It is equipped with modern ski - lift type " skiers " with a capacity of 700 persons / hour . The ski lifts operate daily attendance of 6 or more people. The highest ski point is 2,303 meters above sea level, and the lowest - at 2,070 meters . Exposure of the slope to the north , possibly driving off the track and the altitude is 260 meters. Adjacent to this track there is one - for beginners, equipped with a lift and a soccer field . Soon, a two-seat passenger ropeway from hut to hut Pionerska Lakes length 2,200 meters and a capacity of 960 people / hour.

Slopes near the hut "Rila Lakes " are the ideal solution if you want to avoid crowded ski resorts. If you want to ride off-piste , you must coordinate their intention with the National Park Rila. For more information, contact CA Rila phone 073880537 or office@rilanationalpark.org. This route starts from the hut " Lakes " at the lower station of the chair lift - runs along the forest roads that are used as a winter ski routes - through the Wicked bar to Lower unloading area and a few turns around the track to lift and clearing up lower lift station , and a little west to the marked with a red marking time , known locally as " Ladies track" (let the name mislead you , because this ski route is relatively narrow and steep in places ) .

The tourist hut " Rila Lakes " is located at the entrance of the cirque of the Seven Rila Lakes at an altitude of 2150 m , providing 140 places. Relatively large capacity , good location and good conditions causes hut " Rila Lakes " is the most visited accommodation facilities in the area. The chalet has a ski locker . It is managed by the " Rila Sport" .

Cost of the equipment for a day : Ski set ( skis, boots and poles ) - 20 BGN

Snowboard Set ( board and boots ) - 20 BGN. Only Ski - 15 BGN. Snowboard only - 15 BGN. Only footwear ( ski or snowboard ) - 10 BGN. Only sticks - 5 BGN

The opening hours of the closet in the cabin is from 08:00 to 20:00.

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