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Pavel Banya

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Pavel banya

It is located in central Bulgaria, between the Balkan Mountains and Central forest near the lake Koprinka and Tundzha River. In the center of the Valley of Roses and Thracian Kings Valley, with its mineral waters, the resort offers excellent conditions for spa treatment and alternative forms of tourism - rural theme (related to cultural heritage), ecological aromatourism etc. .. Pavel Banya has emerged as a settlement immediately after the liberation. Interest in mineral springs dates back to ancient times, but only in 1923. have built a warm and lukewarm baths. Today Pavel Banya is a dynamically developing spa resort is annually visited by over 20,000 tourists from home and abroad to find the right combination of treatments rest. Spa resort is approved as a medical rehab to treat disorders of the musculoskeletal system, orthopedics, traumatology, disabled the central and peripheral nervous systems.

During May and June Pavel Banya smells of roses. At dawn pink blocks echoing the merry laughter of young and old, have thought, with the scent of a rose that can not miss the short period of rose picking. The banks of the river and lake are wonderful places for recreation, fishing, picnics and nature walks. The waters of the rivers and dams are rich in fish, and in the lush meadows and forests are often found rare species listed in the Red Book of UNESCO.

The city is the temple of "Christmas," which has a very interesting architecture. Many monuments are located in Pavel banya - a monument of Georgi Dimitrov, Todor Mazarov monument - one of the greatest tenors the world famous monument of the young rebel Botev - Tsanko Minkov and others.

Many restaurants are serving delicious local dishes. Places to stay are for everyone, most with spas.

In Pavel Banya organize many festivals that bring people from all over Bulgaria. The most common are mummers - in February and the Rose Festival, which takes place in June.

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