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Park Freedom Island

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Pazardjik, bul. Stefan Stam...

Park Freedom Island is a place famous for the town of Pazardzhik. It is located in the Maritsa River as its length is 750 meters and its width - 300 m area is 295 acres . It occurs relatively soon - by debris after the great flood in 1858 nearly half a century was the site for grazing cattle and collecting firewood from pazardzhik people . In 1905 the municipality redeemed the place and the beginning of the Freedom Island Park . Made wooden bridge and the word " Liberty Island " . Gradually gets attractive and a favorite place for recreation of citizens. Flood protection wall is made of concrete and stones. Ferdinand is also an interest to turn it into his residence , but he refused to give it or sell it. The whole island is covered with poplars . There are alleys , many beds are planted with greenery and flowers to make special security care of plant species and oldest trees in the park. Playgrounds and pond complement the renewed landscape architectural services. Children are separated playgrounds. One of the distinctive attractions of the Isle of freedom is train that goes around the lanes and attracted the interest not only children but also adults. The island is a monument of Aleko Konstantinov . Connects it to the mainland pedestrian wooden bridge . In 2005 was built a metal cross . It was built by small demonstration projects under the guidance of the Regional Governor , also in these projects pictures and prepared documentation is built and demolished in the past fountain. Recently discovered and only in this country, " dino playground ." Attraction for young and old animals involves measuring around 3 meters in height and width. In the local " Jurassic Park " are models of Spinosaurus , Tyrannosaurus , Triceratops , apatozavar , stegosaurus and torozavar . Among the ancient reptiles have other facilities known from the popular cartoon " Flintstones ." Animal sculptures made ​​of metal structures , resins and varnishes. Have built-in sound and lighting effects. The project is worth 36 000 BGN , and the exposure is constant. With all its attractiveness, location and natural resources , Liberty Island Park is a favorite place to walk and play both locals and tourists.

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