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Drama Theatre Boyan Danovski

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Pernik, 1, pl. Krakra

Municipal Theatre was established in 1919, then called Workers Theatre. The play , which marks the beginning of Pernik theater is the " Golden Fleece " by Pshebishevski .

The first theater building is whitewashed masonry with wattle and plastered with mud walls. In the season 1920 - 1921 , almost the entire group is fired. In 1923, its doors are closed , and in 1925 . gradually create two groups to community centers . So torn theatrical life in Pernik runs until 1923 In 1935 creates dramatic body registered in the then Ministry of Education and recognized by the Union of Artists . During this period, 1935 - 1943 . guest- great actors of our Pernik scene : Stoyan Buchvarov - director and actor , Krustyo Sarafov and more. After the construction of the Palace of Culture in it stays and theater. Over the years, Pernik theater has received numerous awards from regional and national surveys , prizes of the Union of artists awards staging , direction, production design .

Drama Theatre " Boyan Danovski " is repertoire type theater. The discovery of interesting and challenging to interpret texts, building strong performances in them a guarantee to attract audiences and appreciation of theater. Repertory Theatre is type tested form of good creative realization of the composition on the one hand , and to implement fully with all ages viewers.

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