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Historic Landmark
Red Church

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The ruins of the "Red Church", so called by locals, is located near mile from Perushtitsa in the foothills of the Rhodope Mountains, approximately 20 km. towards the south - west of the regional center of Plovdiv. To the site can be reached via deviation to the left of the main road (towards city Perushtitsa). To the site no paved road, no parking and signs. There marking plate on exit from the asphalt road to the church.

"Red Church" was built near the old pagan temple, close to the important Byzantine city of Philippopolis (modern Plovdiv). The most important roads from Thrace to the Aegean Sea, and from Constantinople to Western Europe. It is believed that the temple was known in the past with healing relics of the Christian martyr who died for the affirmation of faith in these lands. The temple was called "Virgin Mary" but became known as the "Red Church" because of the typical Roman bricks and mortar pink, which is built.

Red Church "was richly decorated. Floor and was covered with mosaics and the walls to a certain height covered with marble slabs, over which followed the murals. Experts believe that open two layers of paintings made between VI and XI century.

Today there are only certain parts of the walls and dome. Reached today as majestic ruins, the church is one of the most notable early Christian monuments in Southeast Europe.

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