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Kupena Reserve

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Kupena Reserve is located on the northern slopes of the Rhodope Mountains, about 3 km southeast of Peshtera . It was established in 1961 by a law of the General Directorate of Forestry. The reserve was expanded to three times its current size of 1761.1 hectares . The reserve was created in order to maintain the population of wild goat. The uniqueness of the natural eco- systems is assessed by UNESCO and it is included in the list of biosphere reserves by decision of 1 March 1977 . Reserve passes through large watershed ridge that starts from the top Snezhnik and descends to the northeast between the Vacha River and Old River . The slopes are steep and difficult to access . Kupena biosphere reserve is a treasure trove of flora , magical caves and pristine inaccessible ravines . It is the richest reserve of trees in the Rhodope . The reserve is not conducted systematic research on biodiversity. Protected by the Law on Biodiversity plants is established Rhodope mountain mother - Balkan endemic species , and species under a special regime - Summer Snowflake . From previous studies of tree species revealed the following species: white pine, black pine, fir , red juniper , oak and others. Of protected species known to reserve the first place should be mentioned the chamois , which has reduced their numbers over the years. In the higher parts of the reserve enters and brown bear. There are wild boar , deer and dr.Ot interesting species of protected birds is established Boreal Owl . Of diurnal raptors nest Common Kestrel and Buzzard . The reserve has identified the following types of protected reptile : lizard and slow worm snake rat snake . The protected amphibian salamander is established . If you climb to the peak coupe in front of him at a glance will reveal the entire reserve. On the right can be seen the dreaded cliffs on the wall. Under these hundred foot cliffs are open to the caves, which are difficult to access . Between Steneto and Kupena form a marvelous canyon at the top of which is the Water Cave , which springs flow. But the main attraction here is the Snow Cave . It is not big , but beauty has no equal in Bulgaria.

According to the law on protected areas in the reserve is prohibited any human activity, except the guards and crossing trails for visitors. During visits to the reserve is advisable to inform the Regional Inspectorate of Environment and Water in Pazardzhik to get more information and instructions. The reserve there is a visitor center located at the entrance of the cave Snow .

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