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Peshtera is a town in southern Bulgaria. It is located in Pazardzhik Province and is close to the towns of Batak and Bratsigovo. Peshtera City is a place with a very old and interesting history. The finds give the researchers to conclude that in the Bronze Age caves Snow White and the Jubilee were inhabited. For millennia, this region was inhabited by the Thracian tribe Bessi, experienced the influence of the Romans and the Byzantines.

Several suggestions for the name of Cave City, but it prevails in the vicinity of the caves. The earliest written record of the existence of the town as the "Cave" is from 1479.

In the Renaissance was build churches, bridges, fountains, houses, schools from masters of architecture and building in Peshtera. Their work is monumental churches "St. Dimitar "," St. Petka "," St. Mary "and the clock tower in the town of Peshtera. If you decide to visit a different place in Bulgaria, Peshtera certainly will offer many new and unexpected experiences. Snow Cave is located about 5 km from the city towards the Batak in the "Lilova rock". The drive ended in a parking lot, which is a steep uphill trail. Near the cave is the Reserve Bought, which since 1977 has been under the protection of UNESCO. The path leading to the reserve starts from the car park at the foot of Snejanka cave. Other cave in the area is Jubilee. You could say that this is the richest and most diverse cave in the country. There is not a missing cave form here. At about 16 km from the cave is located mountain resort of St. Constantine. The resort offers very good conditions for rest. For winter sports winter working two ski lifts and two runs. In the summer, the resort offers peace and tranquility, combined with tourist attractions. Batak dam is located near the summer resort and offers an active holiday travelers opportunities for fishing and water sports. Peshtera Historical Museum preserves over 8,000 exhibits from the Neolithic to the present day. City Park, which is located in the heart of Peshtera offers the opportunity to relax in calmness and greenery.

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