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Churolovski monastery

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Three times a year - a patron day saint St. George's , on St. Peter's and on Rozhen dozens laymen gathered in Chourilovski monastery "St. George " . The holiday is especially festive on May 6 , when the monastery bake lamb and distribute food to the faithful.

The monastery is situated on the southern slopes of the mountain Ograjden , near the village Chourilovo . Known by the locals and the names abbey or monastery Gegovski . Was probably founded in the XIV century. More we know about his story after its restoration in 1858 . " Revive " the monastery is through issued by Sultan Abdul Whiting decree of March 5, 1857 . The document is preserved to this day. Saved by building inscriptions we know that the renovation of the church took place in 1858 , and construction of the tower - two years later. From these texts it is clear that at the church one time there was another temple .

According to an ancient tradition , the construction of the monastery began in 1848. It was originally discovered public school, which was later converted into a new Bulgarian . The monastery is connected with the revolutionary struggles of the local Bulgarian population.

Some call Chourilovski monastery "St. George " - Monastery of hell . The reason is that in many places in the frescoes of the vault is depicted devil . Dozens of prices is depicted in detail devil who tortures , whispers and inserted into trouble sinners . There are scenes of the Last Judgement and scenes of temptation and sin.

Nowadays the monastery property , whose area is about 10 acres are composed of the Old religious school in which they reserved two classrooms , a dining room and a kitchen, temple building , tower , carnage , yards , fields and orchards.

After the church of the monastery is a pseudo open- narthex to the west and open sheds to the north and south. Manner of construction , and also planned scheme reminds the church "St. Dimitar " in the village Teshovo . The church was declared a cultural monument of national importance.

View from the bell tower does will reveal the beauty of the mountain Belasitza with its snowy peaks, and to the north in neighboring slopes modestly show the houses in the villages Chourilovo , Baskaltsi and Volmana .

Chourilovski monastery "St. George " is little more than 25 km from Petrich . After you pass Petrich , seek sign indicating the direction to the village Gega . It is possible to meet and border police, because the monastery is located near the border between Bulgaria and Macedonia. Before reaching Gega will go through the gate . This phenomenon is formed of rocks on either side of the path . You get Gega village , you should seek a dirt road that takes you straight to the monastery .

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