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Pascal peak

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Peak Pascal is one of the most attractive destinations in the central Balkan Mountains, visited at any time of year. He is among the leaders in the mountains and is located in Zlatishko -Tetevenska and share. Rocky peak rising to 2,029 meters above sea level and subjugation worth it. Located a few miles east of Mount Svishti Plaza ( 1,888 m ) at its foot once was mined gold and Kositsa peak (2001 m). On the northern slope there is a mass of spherical blocks. With such a full and base of the steep slope to the top, descending to the valley Paskalska .

During peak Pascal passes the longest marked hiking hiking route in Bulgaria Kom - Emine (E3 ) . It is part of the Bulgarian hiking , connecting the Atlantic and the Black Sea. In the past it was called " Route of Friendship ." Length of the route " Kom - Emine " is approximately 650-700 km , and is attainable for 20-25 days in summer conditions and a month - in the winter .

The rocky peak Pascal is a beautiful view of the countryside around. On a clear day can be seen here Danube - as a blue ribbon in the distance , Rila , Pirin , the Rhodopes , Vitosha . Prominent are both lower peak near - Kale and Dzheminski stone. Here you can see and Momina Polyana hut , which is about 2 hours away from the summit. Up top you can reach from the hut Achkova handsaw . The transition will take about 4 hours. Passes through the area Senyova meadow and Momina Polyana hut . Other starting points are Pirdop , hut Pascal and Zlatitsa .

Transition during the cold months is a must for the sake of their safety have charged mobile phone to carry the necessary equipment , and last but not least food and water.

In the area of Mount Pascal can look quite historic and cultural attractions. Nearby are the "St. George " in Zlatitza , " St. Nicholas " and " Assumption " in Koprivshtitsa, " St. St. Cyril and Methodius " in Dushantsi, Elena monastery" St. Elijah the prophet " and Zlatishki Monastery" Ascension of Christ " .

Besides these huts for tourists running for huts Benkovski, Vejen, Kashana, Murgana , Pascal, Mountain springs, Svishti plaz and guard .

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