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Bezbog peak

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According to legend Bezbog is the place where God does not exist. The action takes place in Ottoman times . Irregulars going to have true faith among the local population . Residents , however, hid in the hope the Turks decide that the place is deserted and go . Unfortunately for them , just the opposite happened - the Turks found the local spas and decided to settle in seemingly deserted houses. Bulgarians came out of the disguised and declared that they would not change their faith. Bashibozouks reaction was fierce - they were all cut down in the area under the peak chalet and shed blood dyed red lake .

Exists and another legend, the name at the top. If you have the chance to step on the chalet , you will see that there is formed a large stone house . According to tradition , God Bess decided to kidnap the beautiful daughter of God Perun . Her brother Dzhangal learned of his intentions and foiled his plans. He caught up to Bezbog killed him and buried him with stones. Chamber of stones and today gives the impression that something is buried .

Another legend plight of the Bulgarian girls who Ottoman times laundered canvases in the lake below the summit . There was arranged " outrageous slaughter ."

Nowadays, 3 -foot Christian cross , built by the inhabitants of Bansko, is a guide for tourists , decided to conquer one of relatively high peaks in Pirin. Peak Chalet is located on either side Polejansko and is made of granite. Located at 2,654 meters above sea level. It is part of the Northern Pirin announced by tourists for " real part of the mountain ." Here are Vihren peak Kutelo peak Swim Suhodol tops Little and Big Polejan , peak Kamenica and others.

Bezbog to be reached easily. One way is by village Dobrinishte . The peak can be conquered for about an hour and a half and the return will only take about an hour. If you go by Bezbog , you will see a narrow path that winds between so lame that less experienced tourists can mislead and lost. Conquering the top as possible and from the south, from saddle to Polejan . There is no shrubs and climbing becomes imperceptible . From the top reveals a unique panoramic view .

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