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Bunderishki chukar peak

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Although it is located 2783 meters above sea level, Banderishki Chukar is relatively easy to climb. He was 14th highest in Pirin , but is the highest granite peak (Football ) on the central ridge to the south of the highest Vihren . In Banderishki Chukar not go hiking route , but the ascent is possible from all sides. Is as easy to climb on both sides of the ridge , which is the preferred way of the passengers. At the very top was erected a metal cross and a small chapel. From the top to see a great one of the most beautiful peaks in Pirin - Dzhangal ( 2,730 m ) . Starting points for Banderishki Chukar are Vihren huts and shelter and shelter Spano .

Mount Banderishki Chukar is located at the bottom of Banderishkata Valley and dominate her , when the valley is seen from the foot of the mountain. It is the most southern point of this part of the central ridge , because then it comes back a little to the north. To the northwest lies the rocky edge Donchovi Karauli , beyond which is Banderishkata gate and east gate is Bashliyskata . Viewed from the north tip of a alpine type , but in fact the majority of its slope is steep flight of sea, sweeping down to Long Lake (also known as Upper Lake Banderishko ) at its foot . The south side was given short , which is located Bashliyski Chukar peak ( 2720 m ) .

In addition to hikers, Banderishki Chukar is a destination for climbers . On the north side of the peak is climbing tour in Category II " b ."

If you 're a fan of Bulgarian history , take time to consider the blizkonamirashtite chapel "St. Ivan Rilski " and the" St. Trinity "and" St. St. Peter and Paul . " Nearby landmarks are even Vlahinski waterfall Demyanishki jump Popinolushki Falls , St. Nicholas, and Skakaloto Yulenski jump.

Near the top are located the chalets Bunderitza, Vihren , Gotse Delchev, Demyanitsa, Kamenica, Camp , Raspberry , Pirin, Sinanitsa , Iavorov and Yane Sandanski .

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