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Cat Chal peak

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Early in the morning , the sun rises over the peaks of Pirin Mountain. Sky cuts more than orange spots soon daylight will shine throughout around. Blessed are the mornings of hikers who welcome day of 2000 meters above sea level ! For these problems and quarrels of the people in the lowlands there , hugging them because nature pacify them . Although Cat Chal peak is not among the most popular for tourists , it is not inferior in beauty and natural attractions . Here, early on you can see how undisturbed wild goats were poking the slopes, pebbles underfoot care , and countless birds fill the sky , singing beautiful songs .

Cat Chal peak is located on the marble was the largest part of Pirin Mountain - North , between the main ridge and peak Duni dog. In this part are the highest peaks in Pirin - Vihren champion and Kutelo Swim Suhodol .

Itself , Cat Chal is sharp alpine ridge and rises to 2715m above sea level . It is separated from the main ridge in northeast direction with unnamed peak northwest of Mount Swim Suhodol ( 2,884 m ) . The slopes of the ridge are nearly vertical walls . Retractable circuses Swim Suhodol and Dupki . Cat Hill , as it is called , is a very narrow , sometimes up to 20 cm rocky edge. Although technically not very difficult passage is dangerous , especially in winter and high winds.

The northern part of Pirin , which rises Cat Chal impresses and attracts tourists from home and abroad throughout the year. Here can be found a number of natural attractions - are numerous lakes , waterfalls and fountains . Impressive are Koncheto , circuses , Carling , morinnite shafts. Indescribably beautiful the river valleys Bunderitsa and shelter . In the northwestern part of North Pirin is situated a little vatreshnoplaninska Brezhanska Valley.

In the area of Mount Cat Chal are several lodges , among them Bezbog, Bunderitza, Vihren , Gotse Delchev, Demyanitsa, Kamenica, Camp , Moravitsa , Sinanitsa , Iavorov and Yane Sandanski .

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