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Chaira Lakes Pirin (Polenski Lak...

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Pirin, NP Pirin

Chairski Lake is one of the most beautiful and very famous lakes in Pirin. Relatively easily available on the marked trails.

The lakes are 9, 3 of them are great, and the remaining 6 are small. The largest lake and three smaller ones are hard to reach - the majority of Chaira is overgrown with dwarf.

Starting points for Chairski Lakes are a few huts and shelters.

The closest hut is shelter. Along Chairski Lakes trail goes from hut to shelter shelter Spano pole hut Yane Sandanski. In the neighboring area Prevalski lakes in the area to Chaira Bashliytsa this path is marked in green.

Tevno lake is near Chaira. Come to Mozgovishkata port still left a trail that traverses Mozgovishkiya ridge. From Chairska port can be left in the circus continue to shelter Spano field and x. Begovitsa, or continue along the ridge in Tipits to x. Vihren.

For Mozgovishkata port when visibility may be down to the upper lakes Chaira.

Before sunset, they are quite gloomy and dark. Just below the big lake has two small ponds. Path through Chairska circus passing by one of the great lakes - kidney (arch) lake. On the bottom there are beautiful views of the surrounding peaks. From cirque lakes run down through Chairska River. In its upper course it is a small stream. From Chaira path descends into the valley of the River Bashliyska, which divides a shelter Spano pole and x. Begovitsa.

Today, the lakes were renamed Polenske but tourists use the old name.

For information you can contact Demianitza http://www.demianitsa.hit.bg/.

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