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Dautov peak

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Located at 2,597 meters above sea level, main ridge in the North part of the Pirin mountain peak Dautov to tell many legends. Some of them are related to the belief among locals that the top was blowing hard and treacherous winds. Such is the story of the tragedy of the daughter of Omer Aga from Razlog - Layla and his apprentice - Mito . Legend of Duty madly in love , who decided to accept the challenge of the landlord - to take a hands Leila from the lake to the top, without a break.

One day went to climp - the top Leila , Mito and two of the servants of the Omer . Along the way they were so young lovers that have looked in every flower, listening to the birdsong and admired mountain beauty. Excited and eager Duty decided to quickly reach the top . Grabbed Layla and hurried up the steep bank . Fatigue overlaid lad and additional headwinds exhausted him . They say the wind envy of lovers and blowing harder . Then flooded thick fog Mito lost and lost the way. Worn out and stumbled with his beloved , lost in the fog . Omer servants failed to find them. Since then, among men wear rumor that embrace into oblivion Duty and Leila died from " blowing wind " . Hence comes the name at the top - Duutov peak Dautov peak.

According to another interpretation , " Doubt " is the Arabized version of the biblical David , meaning " beloved ." This marks the adopted name , 'processing' of the basin area. There is evidence that the foot of the summit are remains of Roman and Thracian time, and at the bottom are the ruins of the fortress " Kalyata ." It is possible Dautov peak and the source under it have ever been included in the sacred ritual - incense, it is pre-Christian custom. Under Dautov peak is the place Kulinoto , Trebinje Kalugeritsa - as votive places tasked to sanctify and protect the valley .

Nowadays Dautov peak impresses with its domed shape as viewed from the west, south and east. Composed of crystalline schists , southern and eastern slopes are gentle and grassy . North of Dautov peak is engraved the last five in a row nameless circus in this part of the mountain. North side of the top to the circus is almost vertical , height 300 m 600 m southeast of Dautov peak in deep grass gyrus is located Dautovo beautiful lake. It is characterized as having unstable water regime and usually dry in the fall.

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