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Gergiyski Lakes

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Gergiyskite Lakes are a group of five lakes of glacial origin in the Pirin Mountains , formed on granite base . Located in a terraced Gergiykiya circus and also known as Georgiiski lakes. Of them originated River Gergiytsa . The first lake is the highest among the group ( 2392 m NM ) , and its area reached 1.7 acres . The lake is quite shallow , so often mires and zablatyava . The second lake is located northwest of the first ( 2381 m above the sea ) , with its area of 0.2 acre lake you won the title at least five Gergiyski lake of lakes. Form of the third lake (2,304 m NM ) is curved and its area reaches 20 hectares. Located east of Mount Mouratova hammer. Only about 100 meters north of it is located and the next on the list of Gergiyskite Lakes - fourth ( 2294 m above the sea ) . It is also the largest in the group with an area of ​​43 acres and a depth of 7 meters. Last fifth lake is known as Lower Lake . Most distant from the other , located in the southwestern part of Gergiyskiya cirque ( 2194 m above the sea ) . Its area reaches 14.5 acres and the depth 7 meters. Starting points for the five lakes hut "Vihren" and Raztsepenishkiyat shelter ( " Sinanitsa " ) .

Georgiiski lakes are extremely beautiful . Their remoteness from the mainstream tourist routes them into one piece and unsullied natural spot . Not accidentally , they have the status of a zone of limited human impact , which means that they are available only on designated trails. They are part of the territory of the National Park "Pirin". Near the lake is Mount Gergiytsa from which a magnificent view of the lake ! Legend tells of the common name of the lake , the river and the top - Gergiytsa was the name of the beautiful daughter of a shepherd Pirin . A legend connects the three points to be Sinanishko - Sinanitsa , Gergiytsa and Muratov peak. According to the legend as Murat Bey glimpsed beauty Gergiytsa near one of the lakes , immediately set out to pursue her upwards . When stretched out his arms to her, the girl was frightened so much that he stabbed herself with a dagger and died . Around her neck Murat seen hanging charm with a hidden piece of leather in it . Skin was written: Sinanitsa . At this point Murat realized that brings the same charm with the name of his mother - Sinanitsa . Gergiytsa was actually his sister ... This story just talking about the strong charge, which winds its way through this incredibly beautiful part of Pirin Mountain.

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