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Gredaro peak

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Gredaro peak is in the most popular and largest part of Pirin - North . However, it is one of the least visited peaks. Quite hikers and tourists ignore it , because it is away from the central ridge of Pirin. However , in any case should not discourage you if you decided to go "visiting " precisely Gredaro . From the top there is an amazing view of the four cardinal directions . We recommend you look at the karst ridge , especially at sunset. Gredaro itself is very Digest peak - a wonderful sight to Gergiyskite lakes Gergiytsa and Sinanitsa back. Waters Vlahinski Lakes Alternatively, you can see how looking peak Gredaro and Muratov peak ( 2669 m ) . The lakes are situated between the highest peak in Pirin - Vihren ( 2,914 m ) and the ridge Gredaro . They give rise to the eponymous Vlahinska - left tributary of the Struma . Their name comes from Vlahi in whose territory there are lakes . If you stand between the peak and Gredaro Muratov , before your eyes will open disarming view of one of the lakes and Vlahinski ridge with Vihren .

Gredaro peak is steep and massive and is located 2,606 meters above sea visochina.Toy is the highest peak in the eponymous hill Gredaro that separates northwest of Muratov peak. Gredaro hill separates Vlahinski circus of Georgiiski .

There are several common source object for climbing Mount Gredaro - these are the towns of Bansko , chairs and the Sandanski . Routes depart from Vihren hut Sinanitsa . Both routes take between 3 and 4 hours. The easiest way to the summit can be reached in Gergiyskite lakes grassy slope. Now is the time to note that these lakes lies outside the official marked hiking routes in Pirin Mountain. Another route starts from Vlahinski ridge , passes below the stone scree over lakes and dwarf pines and rocks above the edge of the hill. Chase is " clearing " between them.

In the northern part of Pirin available Tourists many chalets - Bezbog , Bunderitza, Vihren , Gotse Delchev, Demyanitsa , Kamenica, Camp , Moravitsa , Pirin, Sinanitsa , Iavorov and Yane Sandanski . The choice is great since it is in this part of the mountains are the highest peaks of Pirin , and they are an attractive destination for mountaineers not only from Bulgaria , but also from abroad.

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