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Kamenitsa peak

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Kamenica is one of those Pirin peaks, which as you step and your head dizzy , because you can not choose where to look first . Beautiful view , which reveals the 2,822 m altitude, can not be adopted in the first few seconds . Everything is so enchanting and intoxicating ! Open to spacious views of the karst ridge to the northwest , headed by Vihren and Mount Kutelo near Tevno lake and surrounding peaks Todorka along with tracks Tipitsite , Polejansko either side of the north, the peaks around Popovoezeren circus powerful series of peaks in the south and the continuation of the main ridge until Hambartash . There is no way your eyes will not be drawn like a magnet champion - the third highest peak on the Balkan Peninsula respects with its majestic presence . No man can remain insensitive to the type of Vihren . The few who dared to climb Kamenica , in the twinkling understand that their efforts were rewarded a hundredfold !

Peak Kamenica is the fifth highest peak in Pirin. Situated on either side Kamenishko between small peak Kamenica in the north and the south peak Yalovarnika . From the west it is separated short ridge, trailing a small doll Kamenishka peak ( 2,690 m ) , and a little further south is separated and Begovishki long ridge that separates river valleys and Begovitsa Mozgovitsa .

Tip gets its name because of its specific form. From the north it is rocky and wide with sharp needlepoint , and under the rocks there is a large area of the sea. The south is rocky , but more gentle and less impressive . Peak Kamenica is a challenge not only for hikers but also for climbers . In northern wall climbing tour is a category II " b ." As to the summit did not go hiking , climbing is risky for inexperienced lovers of mountain climbing. The top can be reached by different routes - from Yane Sandanski hut hut in Kamenica and Goat Pass ( about 4 hours and 40 minutes) and Tevnoto lake in Goat Pass ( 3 pm) . Traverse through the tops Momini yard ( 2,725 m ) , King's Yard ( 2680 m ) and small Kamenica ( 2679 m ) is suitable only for well-prepared hikers .

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