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Kelyo peak

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Kelyo peak is located on the longest of the four lateral ridges in the northern part of Pirin - Kamenishko either side . The peak rises to 2,484 meters above sea level , and the company on both sides make Kotsov grave peak ( 2,462 m ) and Mount Dolls ( 2686 m ) .

The name of the top most likely derives from the characteristic of the type of Kelyo - his bare pate . According to another hypothesis , the local called it so because its slopes once grazed herds are sick and weak ( kelyav ) sheep . During the regeneration process, the authorities attempted to change the name at the top, but he was unsuccessful . Today can be seen on more new maps as Naked peak but among tourists and mountaineers old tip remains popular with the name Kelyo .

If you have the pleasure and the desire to climb the relatively high peak , you will have the opportunity to look around the area . Kelyo of a beautiful and unspoiled views of the highest peak and peak Vihren Bashliyski chukar . North of the tip is positioned and incomparable saddle Solishteto - convenient to move from Begovishki cirque the valley of the River Bistrica and Pirin Pirin hut . Kelyo with peaks Golena , Kotsov grave and Stefanov peak is one of the peaks that surround the amphitheater at the south of the Pirin circuses - the one who started the final ( Kelyova ) river - one of the three main tributaries of the river Bistrica Pirin . Along the riverside is the place Kelyova dairy. There you can see the old abandoned shepherd's huts .

Located in the largest share of the Pirin Mountains , Mount Kelyo is surrounded by alpine in nature giants , numerous lakes and a considerable number of huts and shelters . The tourists year-round work chalets chalets Bezbog , Bunderitza, Vihren , Gotse Delchev, Demyanitsa , Kamenica, Camp , Raspberry , Pirin, Sinanitsa and Yane Sandanski and shelters kazana, Koncheto, Spano pole and Tevno lake.

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