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There is a place in the Pirin Mountains , which every avid hiker eager to conquer . The ascent of this peak would give an idea as to where are his powers and abilities . On both sides of almost smooth cliff only precipices . The wind blows from all sides. A weariness comes with every passing second , because to get here , I walked at least 4 hours. It's Koncheto ! It was first passed in winter conditions on March 9, 1934 by Professor Bulgarian climbers Luben Telcharov the Plovdiv Medical University , founder of the Department of Pathology and first President of the Student Alpine Club in Plovdiv, and Nicolas Mironski , one of the best Bulgarian mountain photographers and one of the first artist - photographers. Passage of the saddle is facilitated by the presence in 1963 of rope and metal railing digging the 1969 trail in southwestern and slopes . In Koncheto passes marked trail from hut to hut Iavorov and Bunderitza Vihren . 15 minutes northwest of the saddle is alpine shelter Koncheto .

The most dangerous tourist route in Pirin Mountain, as glorified Koncheto, a steep and inaccessible saddle in Northern Pirin. Located on the main mountain ridge at 2810 m occupies the lowest and narrowest part of the Karst edge between vertices Swim suhodol the northwest and to the southeast of Kutelo . The length of the edge is about 400 m and the narrowest part is about 150 m in places width reaches 0.50 m northeastern slopes of the saddle ( 400-500 foot walls) that are the subject of climbing fall almost vertically to the circus suit suhodol and southwest (known as a country ) at an angle 70 ° - the valley of Vlahinska . The base is karst Proterozoic marbles .

The name of the saddle comes from a time when the area is not yet secured with wire rope . Then , in order to pass , tourists have passed riding by on horseback.

The fastest way to get a horse from Vihren to Kazan area. The actual climb since premkata area . There are two ways to go . For the brave - and over the ridge tops . Others may do subsectors and only in the most vertical portion to pass through it.

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