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Malokamenishki Lakes

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Malokamenishki Lakes are group of 20 lakes of glacial origin located in the valley of the Bistrica River in Pirin Mountain. Bear the name of a small peak Kamenica . In the past they were called Belemetsko lakes for the name of the circus , which were formed - Belemeto . Have a third name , which is rarely used - Mozgovishki lakes, since they started early Mozgovitsa River . Near the lakes are several famous peaks - Kamenica , Little Kamenica , King's Yard , Momin yard Valyavishki chukar . The majority of Malokamenishkite lakes are shallow and small , so that dry up in summer. Only 8 of them are consistent. Tevnoto Lake is the biggest and the highest one in the group. It is the most northern and is very close to the girl's yard and Valyavishki Chukar 2512 m altitude. Its shape is elongated and curved , which slightly resembles a kidney. Tevnoto Lake is the largest lake in Bulgaria , located at 2500 meters altitude. Eighth place is the largest in the whole of Pirin Mountain and the sixth highest . Tevno Lake is located to the south along the stream which flows from Tevnoto lake , very close to the lake . This is one of the most popular places to stay in the northern part of Pirin Mountain. Nearby are some of the most spectacular natural phenomena of the Pirin Mountains - Mount Valyavishki Chukar (30 minutes) , peak Momin yard (30 minutes) , Fairy Lakes ( 1.30 hours ) and Mitrovo Argirovo Lake ( 1.30 hours ) Valyavishki lakes ( 1.30 hours ) . There are many starting points to get you to Malokamenishkite Lakes - huts shelter ( 3:00 ) Chalet (3 hours ) Vihren ( 7:00 ) , Pirin ( 4:00 ) Begovitsa (3 hours ) and shelter Spano ( 4:00 ) .

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