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Peak Duninoto kuche

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Have you seen wild goats play as children by driving on the icy slopes of the Pirin mountain? If you are not , it turns out that other lucky - yes. Here briefly is what tells a man had the chance to admire the unspoiled nature in Pirin. Stood on the grassy slopes below the peak Duninoto dog and enjoy the jagged wall of the saddle . On the northern slope of Mount Kutelo there was a large snow drift . Noticed movement with his binoculars he saw that it was a herd of twenty wild goats. They were in a back legs to a specific ice playground issued over snowdrift . The view was funny, but still funny happened when the goat began one by one to stand on the site , to sit in the snow , and raised off its hind legs to skate "on the rear hams " with great speed down a snowy field. After twenty goats and skated and reached grassy tufts of Tsarnomogilski Chal , covered this season with small edelweiss , they stood again established by any number of their own rules and brisk pace went up again - for another dive. Skating lasted a long time . Believe it or not, this is one of the challenges to Pirin - Nature live their lives undisturbed by man. It is in this area where wild goats have fun with snow drifts , rises Mount Dunino dog. It is 2489 meters high and is part of the ridge Cat Chal - side branch of the main Pirin was in the north . Duni dog is not one of the most popular peaks, but the fact that it is located in the Northern Pirin speaks for itself . Nature has amassed in this place incredibly beautiful. " Company " of Dunino dog make the highest peaks in Pirin - Vihren Swim suhodol, Kutelo, Koncheto and many others.

Starting point for the ascent of Duni dog can be your Banderishka meadow. From there you are taken to the circus of Suhodol suit and climbed Mount Duni dog. From here you can continue your route by switching peak Koteshki Chal, Koncheto , Kutelo peak and descend through the shelter Spoken to Vihren .

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