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Peak Kotsov grave

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In the main part of the Pirin Mountains , the northern part , rises Mount Kotsov grave. It is the most visited part of the mountain that has alpine character and is rich in lakes, huts and shelters . With its 2,462 m altitude, Kotsov grave does not impress as soon as you see it . Along it are giants in the Pirin mountains , including the highest peak Vihren Kutelo Swim suhodol and many others. The peak rises Kamenishko side was south of Mount Kelyo and northwest of Mount Stefanov . Same was the beautiful and unique peaks King's Yard , Kamenica and Small Kamenica Kamenishka doll tooth dolls , Goleta , Chatalchuchur etc.

A curious fact about the name of the point is that some older cards he incorrectly stated the name of Arab Arapski grave or tomb. Actually, the name is called area, located between the peaks Kotsov grave and Stefanov peak.

Kotsov grave is bare , rocky peak with steep western and eastern slopes . It is made of granite. Southwest was separated from the branch of Kamenishko side was the highest peak Ellen ( 2033 m ) . The lower parts of the southwest and southeast slopes soils are dark colored mountain-forest and mountain -meadow . Its slopes are overgrown with dwarf pine and subalpine grassland . From the western foot of the grave Kotsov stems Razslankovitsa River - a tributary Sandanska Bistrica . In the upper reaches of the river is Popinolashki Falls - one of the five major waterfalls in the Pirin Mountains.

Eastern slopes of Kotsov grave drain on end ( Kelyova ) river - one of the three main tributaries of the river Bistrica Pirin . Its length is 53 km , which places 80th among the rivers of Bulgaria .

In comparison with the giants who made ​​his company in the northern part of Pirin Kotsov grave is relatively easy as access and ascent. If you step on the top , you will have a wonderful opportunity to look bounding peaks , valleys and rivers. Convenient starting points for climbing his huts Begovitsa and Pirin. East of Kotsov grave passes marked trail connecting the two Pirin chalets . The area available for tourists year-round operating chalets Bezbog , Bunderitza Vihren , Gotse Delchev, Demyanitsa, Kamenica, Camp , Malina Sinanitsa and Yane Sandanski .

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