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Sharaliya peak

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According to some sources, the name at the top comes from the word " Sharliya " . In Turkish - spurting . And, perhaps , so, given that under the carp of the most beautiful mountain cave - Sharaliyskata , river rises whose spurting be heard quite clearly. According to another version , the name is linked with that of the squat gray marble top of the slope , from the Willows area .

Mount Sharaliya or Sharliya is 2172 meters high and is located in the Pirin Mountains. It is made of marble and is situated in the northern part of the narrow rocky ridge Kurtkaya - extreme southwest branch of the extensive Sinanishko either side . Short, squat and covered with white pine ridge connects carp lying east peak horse well ( 2309 m ) . Northwest of carp released steep hill Potter - watershed between rivers Sharaliyska and Razkolska . Close to Sharalia see eye-catching Sinanitsa peak , also called forked tip.

The slopes of the carp are steep and overgrown with grass from the southwest and southeast , and north - woodlands . Southwest carp hill Kurtkaya goes into extremely narrow ridge with sheer karst northwest and southwest slopes for more than 200 meters.

Although it is within the boundaries of a national park Pirin, peak Sharalia no official tourist routes. The peak is accessible from the neighboring peak horse well . You will not find , however path. Approach has from the southeast - going on hill Kurtkaya , but the risk of falling is high. The only path to the summit starts from the valley of the River Razkolska .

Sharalia is the highest elevation of the municipality Municipality. In the area besides the already mentioned Sharaliyska cave, where you can see the rare " cave pearls " at least 17 ​​more caves. The majority of the caves are not socialized and are not open to access by tourists . Access is granted to only cavers . Another famous , but with a sinister history, cave in this area Zandanite . For many years during the Ottoman rule it was used as a prison. According to the Mayor of Strumiani - Valentin Chilikov years ago to the more daring , who entered into it, they found skeletons and chains.

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