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Of the main mountain ridge in the Pirin Mountains is a group of three vertices popular as Tipitsite . The highest of these is called Great Tipits and also Great Tipic , Tipits , Tipits chukar . It is 2645 meters high and is located southwest of the lake . The second highest Tipits yields only one meter and is located south of Tipizki lakes and is known as Little Tipits . Lowest Tipits often called incorrectly Valyavishki chukar . It is 2633 meters high and is located later offshoot of main ridge , which is separated from the first Tipits northeast . Despite its proximity to one of the most popular trails in Pirin third Tipits is little known and rarely visited .

Three Peaks surround the amphitheater Tipitski circus and form its western , southern and eastern boundaries . Cirque holds group Tipizki lakes - two big, beautiful lakes and a permanent little dry.

The slopes of the Great Tipits , descending to the circus Tipitski are relatively steep and grassy . Southwestern slopes to Bashliyskiya circus are steep , littered with loose rocks and some grass chutes . Northeast of the summit is steep scree which comes down to two of the above Vasilashki lakes. By Little Tipits north does it scaled ridge that ends at Tipitski water surrounds Tipitski circus from the east. Slopes to the north and west are rocky , almost vertical. From the southwest slopes of the peak are covered with loose rocks and to the east - grassy and very steep . They descend 600 meters lower in the bed of the river Valyavitsa . Viewed from the river valley and neighboring Valyavishki circus , they are spectacular views and is rightly called the Great country. In many of the sources of that name wrongly named Located south of Mount Tipits Prevalski chukar .

If you decide to go through the ridge between Big and Small Tipits Tipits be careful . It is rocky and hard to walk. Passes through it highlighted in red trail of Vihren to Tevno lake.

As to the third Tipits from him out two short branches that surround the circus Valyavishki holes from the west and south. Slopes are steep and grassy and side Valiavishki holes - rocky and covered with talus .

Common starting points for climbing Tipitsite are towns of Bansko , Dobrinishte and Sandanski and Pirin village . The routes take between three and four hours, and run mostly by Vihren , Bunderitsa hut , hut Damyanitsa or Tevno lake.

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Pirin - Attraction Tipitsite, Small Tipitsa peak and Great Tipits peak - Picture 1 Pirin - Attraction Tipitsite, Small Tipitsa peak and Great Tipits peak - Picture 2