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Todorka peak

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The name of the 13th highest peak in Pirin Mountain there are several legends. The first one tells the courageous Bulgarian Todorka that Bran Castle Sita. Not to be violated by the Turks, she chose to embrace death. Conquerors went after her , but she climbed on top over the castle and threw herself into the abyss below. Another legend is hold it forever the fate of a local girl named Todorka . She wanted to marry her beloved Vasil , but her father gave his blessing . Todorka escaped from her home and got on top. From the tears streaming down her cheeks , formed two lakes Teddy's eyes (also called Teddy tears ) . Her beloved even when he could not find her in despair threw himself into the lake below the summit ( one of Vasilashkite lakes) .

Glorified in folk art , Todorka or Todorkin peak rises to 2,746 meters above sea level. He is the only tip of the lateral was Teddy . The peak is granite , but not rocky , although it has a very steep slopes . Was a relatively short three peaks - Large, Medium and Small Todorka . At the north is great Todorka with its impressive pyramidal shape . On its slopes descend several ski runs . After great Todorka ridge running southwest to reach the Middle Todorka ( 2,706 m ) and then deviate to the southeast to Little Todorka ( 2,712 m ) .

If you plan to climb Todorka , you can do it most easily from Todorina gate. There leveling peak Much Todorka is only 170 meters . For experienced hikers pleasure and will leave unforgettable climb to the summit itself Vihren Teddy the steep chutes . Other cottages in the area are Bezbog Bunderitsa , Gotse Delchev, shelter , Kamenica Camp , Moravitsa , Pirin, Sinanitsa , Iavorov and Yane Sandanski .

Entered the Todorin fascinating panorama . At this height you can see on a clear day the streets and buildings of the nearby town of Bansko. From the top opens wide look west to Vihren champion and runner Kutelo and east - to tip guards . South again above all other peaks rising edge of the mighty peak Kamenica .

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