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Valyavishki Chukar peak

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They say that Valyavishki Chukar is rarely visited and just from maniacs of Pirin and climbing peaks. To climb on , however, is a unique experience. Panorama that unfolds from 2664 m altitude to the area round is stunning. If you can spend the night in Valyavishki chukar and meet the sunrise . View of Demyanishka cars and Tevno is inspiring and beautiful Dzhangal peak ( 2730 m ), Mt Momini yard ( 2,725 m ) and Mount King's Yard ( 2680 m ) impress with his flesh .

Valyavishki Chukar a granite top and is located in the largest and most visited part of the Pirin - North . " Landed " is on the main ridge at the point of contact of the three cirques - Belemeto , Valyavishki and Prevalski . Southwest of the main ridge , near Valyavishki Chukar is located slightly lower nameless peak. Two peaks are associated with shallow saddle and form a separate characteristic and memorable array of edgy viewed from babrekonapodobyavashtoto Tevno lake , which is the largest in Bulgaria over 2500 meters altitude. Southwest of the unnamed peak is the famous saddle Mozgovishka gate , also called port wine . Through it pass the main paths of the main ridge and Demianitza to Tevno lake Mozgovitsa .

A massive rocky ridges along the north side of a Valyavishki chukar up next to the shore of the great lake Valyavishko . It is situated at 2379 meters altitude. Depth of the lake reaches 18 meters wide is about 270 meters long and about 480 meters. Valiavishki lakes are a major tourist attraction in the area . The nearest to the lakes lodge hut Demyanitsa, which is located about 2 hours away. Waters Valiavishki meeting trout lakes and years ago attempts were made for the planting of their populations.

Curious sight connects the tops Valyavishki chukar and Momin dvor . The saddle between them is mounted crosswise with icons.

Climbing Valyavishki chukar is not complicated . There is not lurking who knows what difficulties experienced mountaineer . Climbing can be done easily and quickly on the edge of the east , starting from Tevno lake. The route takes about 20 -ish minutes. Usual output objects are cities Bansko , Dobrinishte and Sandanski.

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