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Historic Landmark
Church St. Dimitar Solunski

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Once in the period from 1922 to 1964 "St. Dimitar Solunski ' is dedicated to the Russian Orthodox Church for many years it was closed to open its doors to worshipers on October 26, 2007 . The church has a long history and is located in beautiful and unique Old Town of Plovdiv. The Orthodox Church is mentioned by the German Protestant theologian and preacher Stefan Gerlach during his visit to the city in 1578

From the historical evidence preserved until today, it is clear that most likely "St. Dimitar ' was founded after the Battle of Klokotnitsa in 1230 - during the reign of Tsar Ivan Asen II. Her fate is similar, like many other churches in the Bulgarian lands - is destroyed and rebuilt many times. During the last restoration of the church in the early XIX century , it represented a small dilapidated building in which the congregation and the Bulgarians from Karshiaka and Marasha . From its stone former resistance no trace . Updated initiate the temple were parishioners , donors were many Bulgarians from the city and diocese donors - family Chalakovtsi headed by chief founder of the church Valko Todorov Chalakov Big and poor voluntarily helped with their labor . According to Greek Chronicle - Code Plovdiv Bishopric bill January 18, 1838 for the construction of the church amounts to 264,270 pennies .

Among the valuable monuments in the church "St. Dimitar ' are iconostasis throne and pulpit , holy spring and icons. Marble iconostasis , bishop's throne and the pulpit are the work of A. Kalumenu 1869 iconostasis is one fine piece of white, gray and colored marble . Individual researchers suggest Plovdiv churches Moscow, Istanbul and Plovdiv as a place of its production . In the books of the temple is marked amount of over 16,000 pennies " for mramorodeltsi Odrintsi and local . "

In the temple no frescoes, but there are 12 medallions above the capitals of the columns with the images of the 12 Apostles. Icons Tempe attract attention with its ancient appearance . Whole or in places they are silver plated . These are St. Dimitar, St. Mercouri , St. Trifon and Apostle . Especially beautiful is facing the small size icon of St. Dimitar . This is a rare fine silver thread with multiple projections , knits , folds, shadows.

On the west side of the church "St. Demetrios " is a small chapel dedicated to St. Kirik and Julita . It is situated spring and serve once a year when the day of the saint.

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