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Historic Landmark
Church St. Nikola

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At no hundred meters west of the church " Virgin Mary" in Plovdiv is the Orthodox Church " St. Nicholas " or " Saint Nichola ." It is dedicated to St. Nicholas of Myra . During his lifetime he was known as an opponent of Arianism and paganism . After his death, is revered as the patron saint of sailors , merchants and prisoners .

From the historical evidence we know that the church was built during the Bulgarian ruler Ivan Alexander and even then it was dedicated to Saint Nicholas. In the beginning of XIX century with money granted by the said church " Virgin Mary" "St. Nicholas " is restored. Due to the limitations imposed by local authorities, however , the repair turns out to be unsuccessful and have a complete rebuilding of the building. So what we see today as the building is 1835. Then a wealthy Bulgarian merchant and benefactor takes the initiative to restore the temple. Valko Todorov Chalakov or more Large Chorbadji wolf lived very close to the temple. After his death - on May 17, 1841 , he was buried in the church because of his great merit. The grave is located in the nave of the chapel "St. Nicholas " and his tombstone is kept to this day.

Who are the masters erected a church building , scientists have found . There are suggestions that were from the Bratzigovo school .

"St. Nicholas " is unique in itself because at least one fact - it was first encountered icon father Hristo Dimitrov, placed next to the icons of his younger son - Zachary Zograph. Royal icons of Jesus Christ , Hagia Boroditsa , St. John the Baptist , Saint Nicholas are the work of Zachary Zograph. Iconostasis has a relatively small icon of St. Nicholas , whose author is Hristo Dimitrov. And to this day are stored and icons of St. Nicholas New Martyr ( Anatolian ) , St. Sava and St. Barbara .

Holy icon of St. Nicholas was donated by the wife of the chapel chorbadji Valko - Rada Chalakova . Under the image of the saint is preserved an inscription which shows who the gift icon . Another icon is the "Assumption " . It is in Russian style , so I assumed that was probably brought from Russia. It is with gold ornaments . In the temple Store icon and preeminent saint of the holy Apostles Peter and Paul, painted on canvas. Dates from 1885 and is the work of the Renaissance politician , revolutionary and painter George Danchov - Zografina .

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