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Plovdiv, Stariya grad

"St. St. Constantine and Elena "is one of the oldest Christian churches in Plovdiv. Christian sanctuary was at this place early in the IV century. It is situated in the center of the old part of town, right on the wall of the Acropolis. The temple is part of the architectural complex "Old Plovdiv". According to legend, the temple was erected at the place where in the III century BC is listed because of his Christian faith 38 people, most of them Roman soldiers. Only 30 years later, their fellow citizens at the place of death a small church, which was later dedicated to the Emperor Constantine and his mother Helena. During the Ottoman rule in place of the great ancient temple there was a small wooden church, a basilica without a dome and bell tower. During this period the temple was destroyed several times and then rebuilt again. In 50s of XX century in excavations under the apse of the church were made interesting discoveries as rectangular tower's defense of the eastern fortress gate - Hissar pepper, also ossuary holding the bones of dozens of generations of eminent Plovdiv. Today they are buried in a mass grave outside the eastern side of the temple.

Today the church is an architectural monument and is the most visited in Plovdiv. For the visit are not paid entry fees. The church is open to visitors daily from 9 am to 18 pm during the summer and from 9 to 17 pm during the winter.

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