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House Hindlian

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Plovdiv, 4, ul. Artin Gidikov

House Hindlian is built by an unknown master / 1835 - 1840 / taste of the rich merchant and Farmer Stepan Hindlian . Impressive is the relationship with neighboring Balabanov House , giving ensemble kinship of the two buildings. Stepan Hindlyan yard together outbuildings , bathroom and basement. Representative is the garden facade with a central portico , inscribed inside. The ground floor is organized around a rectangular hall , open to three large rooms , a small jetty at the street entrance to the bathroom and stairs to the second floor. This is one of the most ornate Plovdiv houses. Chirpan craftsmen and decorators Moko Mavrudi worked for more than six months on the painting of all walls inside and outside with pilasters , garlands of floral and geometrical ornaments , vignettes , still life and landscape compositions . The ceilings are painted in oriental fashion with great taste . The walls are painted beautiful landscapes of naive Constantinople , Venice , Stockholm and other cities. In the northern part of the building 's basement (home storage values ​​) entrenched with heavy iron doors and thick bars on the windows . The house is furnished with original antique furniture and is a real gem in the collection of the houses of the old town .

Working hours: 09:00 to 17:30

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