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Ski complex Byala cherkva

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At the foot of the mountains, 37 km south of Plovdiv , is the ski center "Byala cherkva ." The resort is situated at 1600 meters above sea level , the track is 1100 meters long and wide - 25-30 meters. Vertical drop of 180 meters. Profile at the top of the track is suitable for slalom and giant slalom. The middle portion has a less steep slope . At the bottom of the slope increases again and is suitable for slalom , giant slalom and parallel slalom. The track is attractive for advanced and intermediate skiers and amateurs. It is processed by one Ratrak .

The tourists there and ski-lift type "anchor ." Its length is 960 meters . There are 32 coupling with anchors for two people. Capacity of the trail is 250 skiers per hour.

In 2003 in favor of the visitors of the winter resort near the track was built teahouse . It is a small wooden building with a terrace with tables and wooden benches.

The road to the ski center "Byala cherkva" is well developed - there is an asphalt road. The restaurant and Byala Cherkva monastery near enough space for the incoming cars enthusiasts skiing . To the peculiar parking is another small rope with a length of 300 meters and suitable for beginners.

Despite the excellent conditions for winter sports and the beautiful and rich scenery of the Rhodope Mountains , the resort "Byala cherkva " in recent years has become less popular with skiers . The very low interest and the rest of the resorts and natural destinations in the area are a problem that currently local authorities can not resolve . It had in 2013, before the start of the season , to be announced that the slopes will not work. Similar is the situation at the complex " Zdravec ."

Kuklen municipality has plans to invest in a ski center. According to them over the next few years to be built 8-9 runs with a total length of 12 km, 4 chair lifts and cable cars .

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