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Waterfall Polska Skakvitsa

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Polska Skakavitsa

The third highest waterfall in Bulgaria is fabulously beautiful and impressive Skakavishki waterfall -70 meters. The waterfall is 750 meters above sea level near the Polish village Skakavitsa. It is situated on the right levee of the river Struma.

Skakavitza waterfall is one of the most attractive sights in the Rila Mountains. An additional plus for its wide popularity among lovers of natural beauty are many karst springs in the area, which is complemented by the picturesque primeval forest of white fir, which are an essential element of nature here.

The climb itself Skakvishki Falls is unparalleled thrill for lovers of mountain similar experiences. The age-old struggle of nature here is sculptured shapes similar to Belogradchik. Some Polish - Skakavishki Falls has more than 19 fish species, 600 plant species unique to the region, dozens of endangered plant species, including orchids. This is the only place where we found five types of swallows. The region is one of the few places in Bulgaria, which is not affected by road transport.

According to the legend in these parts almost nine years and lived the hermit St. Ivan Rilski.

Spring in the gap feels pleasant smell of lilac, sounds of buzzing bees and singing birds. Lured by the beauty tourists pull tent fish for hours and enjoy the natural beauty of the gorge and waterfall, to return again.

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