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Central beach Pomorie

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The central beach of Pomorie is the most visited by guests of our great seaside resort. Throughout the season the band is completely filled with sunbathers enjoying the wonderful sun. Especially in recent years the city and respectively its central beach are becoming more popular and if you want to find a gathering place for tanning and relaxation should head to the sand early in the morning.

And the interest is fully justified - just imagine how nice stretch of lounge, sea breeze caresses you, umbrellas to keep you from the baking sun, and in his hand to keep cold cocktail ... the central beach in Pomorie this is not a dream but a reality lesnoosashtestvima. If you do have an active kind, here you can practice all types of water and beach sports. You can take a pedalo, snorkelling, riding jet, play volleyball or football ...

The sand of the central beach of Pomorie is specific - it is large and dark in color because it contains a lot of iron and manganese. Therefore heated more quickly and to maintain a high temperature even in colder days. The beach is long five km and its width is approximately thirty meters. There are both guarded and unguarded area. Unguarded is not cleaned and maintained intensive, but in contrast, is far less visited and therefore can provide you with peace and quiet.

Near the main beach is a swimming pool with healing mud and lye, which are very popular places for mud and spa. The mild climate and long sunshine foster sunbathing from May to end of September month.

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