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Beach of IYC

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The beach of the International Youth Center near Primorsko, the more popular with the name IYC Primorsko is situated in the small picturesque bay between our resort town of Primorsko. Before 1989 the complex and therefore its beach are more than legendary. Every year there are thousands of young people flock from all countries of the former socialist blog.

You can imagine what a colorful gathering of different cultures, languages, character is converted to a beautiful cove. In any case, partying, romantic stories and friendships that are played out here carry hundreds of legends.

International Youth Center has long been left in the past. There currently are modern hotels, villas, bungalows, restaurants and entertainment venues. The beach, however, is still the same - beautiful, covered with soft, fine sand, offers plenty of scenic views. North of Devil's River separates it from Primorsko, on the south reaches ancient forest that limit it from Kiten. Part of the beach falls within the protected area, which help preserve the beautiful dunes, located here. The sea is shallow and warm, so feel free to bring your children here.

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