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Historic Landmark

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Begliktash or Beglik Tash is the earliest found so far megalithic Thracian sanctuary in South East Thrace and the Black Sea coast. XIV is operated by BC to IV century. Located 3 km from Primorsko and was opened in 2003 to 1991 , access to the complex is impossible , as it is located within the boundaries of the hunting 'Perla ' of Todor Zhivkov .

While it functioned hundreds of years ago , today the sanctuary respects with the energy that radiates . When you approach the composition of dolmens , you realize that not everything in life can be seen , some things have faith and inner feeling. According Thracologists , the complex was used for the worship of the Mother Goddess . The sanctuary is located on an area of ​​6 acres . A central part and two circles around it. The largest dolmen stands 12 meters high , and its length is 9 m It resembles womb, according to archaeologists is the symbol of the feminine .

Sanctuary which has performed several functions. Firstly, the temple. Are well preserved altar , main altar and the stone throne on which sat the ruler or chief priest. If you look good , you'll see that on the rock surface has carved holes in the moments of solstice and equinox between stacked stones pass sun shining on these points - this is the calendar of the Thracians. And third , but not least in importance, the - clock. The arrangement of stones Begliktash is such that solar shadow falling on the altar and arranged the north of it 6 smaller stones serve as a sundial , dividing the day into 6 parts .

A curious detail in the sanctuary are called. " Divine steps ." Only the initiated are able to participate in the rituals of Begliktash . The steps leading to the sacred inner space and shallow cut on menhirs - boulders , each weighing about 100 tons. The feet are in the shape of a human foot , but without outlined fingers.

Historians are amazed by the fact that both rock steps are precisely orientated east- west.

Tourist attraction is a kind of labyrinth formed by the monoliths in the northeastern part of the sanctuary . Labyrinth has two outputs - left associated with mysticism and the priestly vocation , and right , which is associated with rational and pragmatic in life. It is assumed that through the maze Thracians tell fortunes and occupation of young people . To come out of it , had to pass the test . One is threaded through a narrow rock crevice , which is clearly preserved today. Testing, which are subjected almost all visitors Begliktash .

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