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Devil's Swamp

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Devil's Swamp is a swamp lagoon , located on the Black Sea coast at the mouth of Devil's River in southern seaside resort town of Primorsko. Interesting in the swamp that lies below sea level. It was formed because young sinking of the crust , resulting in a small coastal bay is separated from the sea by sand bar . Devil's Swamp maintain its water level through the sweet spring water . Its area reaches 2.7 square kilometers, its depth varies between 2 and 3 meters, and the salinity is between 0.1 to 19%. The name of the lake should not fool you , it is possessed by evil spirits or cursed , though there is a local legend that evening lakeside walking vampires and ghouls . It is named after the river, to which it was formed. You can take a boat trip in itself Devil River, which is considered one of the most beautiful Bulgarian rivers that flow into the Black Sea. Loaded with cameras , can sealing forever the beauty and the landscapes around him. Devil's Swamp is heavily overgrown with reeds. Home and habitat of summer snowflake . In it grow different species - swamp and river chub, barbel , and much more. Because of this swamp is a favorite of anglers who live in the area or have come to spend their summer holiday in these parts of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Fishing is allowed here , and all along the Devil's River . Other interesting landmarks located in the vicinity are protected areas Ropotamo, Stompolo , Alepu and Arcoutino.

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