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Maslen cape beach

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Maslen cape is the eastern branch of Strandja, a place where the mountains to the Black Sea. Located near Primorsko (Bourgas District), one of the most popular resorts on the coast. Although the beach next to the Maslen is relatively small, it is sheltered remains away from the main tourist destinations and offers all the possibilities for relaxing, especially if you are fond of nature.

Cape jutting out into the sea and the beach remains at its foot, offering breathtaking views. You can practice all water sports, as the place is especially suitable for diving. Nearby there are some nice and larger beaches, where you have the opportunity to diversify if you decide to spend your holiday in Primorsko.

Nearby are many historic and natural attractions - the cult complex Begliktash fortresses Terra (built precisely Maslen) and Ranuli, Ropotamo River, the beautiful and magical slope of the Strandja Mountain. Maslen itself is a protected area status landmark since it combines the local beauties with an exceptional variety of flora and fauna. If you do want to enjoy a healthy, Primorsko offers all of this.

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